FSMG website


fsmg.org.nz is a pelican website hosted on GitLab pages infrastructure.

www.fsmg.org.nz is pointed at the FSMG mirror nodes and apache rules are used to redirect to fsmg.org.nz.

Deploying changes

Deploying changes to our website is easy and automated.

  1. The first step is to raise your change as a merge request on our website git repo.

  2. This will trigger a CI job that builds the website and deploys it to a staging environment. When this CI job finishes after ~1 minute you can click the View app button which will appear on the the merge request page.

  3. When happy with your change, merge it into the repo and a CI will automatically deploy your change to fsmg.org.nz.

GitLab configuration

The configuration for our GitLab pages instance can be found here.

GitLab outages

In the event of a GitLab pages outage, the mirror nodes are configured to be able to serve our website.

An older build of our website is stored on each mirror node at /srv/website. If you wish to serve a newer version of the site than what is there, a backup of the website git directory can be found at /opt/fsmg/git/website/, just build this according to the instructions in /opt/fsmg/git/website/.gitlab-ci.yml and put the new build in /srv/website.

To move the website back to our infrastructure from GitLab, simply update the DNS records to point back to us:

fsmg.org.nz.        IN      A
fsmg.org.nz.        IN      AAAA    2404:138:4000::1

When GitLab is working again point the A record for fsmg.org.nz. back to whatever A record fsmg.gitlab.io is resolving to and delete the AAAA record.